We’re Back

After a long slumber Voodooworx Miniatures is well and truly back and to celebrate I have a brand spanking new website and to launch it I am getting stuck straight in and releasing a project that I’ve had on the back burner for 6 years now…. yes I know 6 years.

I am delighted to be able to finally showcase the first in our Collectors Series busts – The Varaak Mage. In fact, he’s already in our online store right now , so go and grab one here before they sell out. 

Don’t worry though, I have no plans to make it limited edition or anything like that so there will be more stock on the way. But as I run Voodooworx Miniatures in my spare time around a very busy family life and my hectic day job, it might be a while before the next batch is ready to sell

Varaak Mage Bust Front
Varaak Mage Bust Profile
Varaak Mage Bust Rear

The bust was sculpted by a very talented sculptor called Laslo Forgach, I’ve worked with him on a few projects now and he is brilliant at what he does. The sculpt is based on an original concept by the legend Wayne England, I think you’ll agree that Laslo has done such an amazing job of capturing all the character of Wayne’s original artwork.

Varaak Mage Bust - Front
Varaak Mage Bust - Profile
Varaak Mage Bust - Rear

Sadly, as most of you will know Wayne England passed away on 9th February 2016, but I hope he would have been impressed with the finish bust. While I can’t say I knew Wayne very well, his artwork was such a big part of my childhood, so I am very honoured and grateful that I got to work with him.

As well as releasing this amazingly detailed bust, I’ve also just created the Voodooworx Miniatures TV YouTube channel. Now, I will get better at making videos I promise, there is a lot to learn but I’m up for the challenge. I want the YouTube channel to grow along side my range of figures and collectables and provide Voodooworx Miniatures customers with lots of hobby videos/tutorials/guides. So this should be a fun project to hone my video editing skills.



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