Got a question? Here is a list of the most popular questions we get.

  1. Do you have a printed catalogue?

  2. I own a blog/group/forum can I have freebies if I promise to review it?

  3. Are you a brick and mortar shop and open to the public?

  4. I see all your prices are in £GBP, what is the exchange rate?

  5. What are your overseas shipping and handling rates?

  6. Can you make………?

  7. Can you tell me when you get………?

  8. I want to buy something but I don’t want to enter my details online, what can I do?

  9. Do you ship worldwide?

  10. Can I pay for an order over the phone?

  11. Will you ship to another address, not the credit card address?

  12. I am never at home to sign for a parcel, what can I do?

  13. How can I change my order?

  14. Will I have to pay import taxes/duties on delivery?

  15. Will you alter customs declared values to reduce import/ tax charges?

  16. I have changed my mind, how do I cancel my order?

  17. Can I collect my order from your premises?

  18. What are Voodooworx Miniatures products made of and how do I work with it?

  19. A Resin item I bought from you has one or two small air bubbles in it, should I return it?

Your question not in the list? No problem, please feel free to contact us where we will do our best to help.

Do You Have A Printed Catalogue?

We do not currently have a printed catalogue that we can snail mail to you, however we do have plans to introduce this in the future.

I own a blog/group/forum can I have freebies if I promise to review it?

Sadly no, the shear amount of emails we get from bloggers, groups and forums would mean if we sent everyone something free to review we would be out of business pretty quickly. I know it sounds harsh but we are a business at the end of the day.

Are You A Brick ‘N’ Mortar Shop And Open To The Public?

No we are not a brick ‘n’ mortar shop…. yet! We currently only sell online through our site and our office/workshop is not open to the public.

I See All Your Prices Are In £GBP, What Is The Exchange Rate?

Due to things that we do not even pretend to understand the exchange rate is constantly changing, so it would be very difficult to answer that question. We suggest you go to www.xe.com or similar site to check the current exchange rates. When you actually place the order via PayPal it should give you the exchange rate for the transaction before you confirm the order.

What Are Your Overseas Shipping And Handling Rates?

You can find out your shipping rates by adding items to your cart and it will be automatically calculated for you wherever you are in the world. You can find general information about our shipping and handling policy here.

Can You Make……… ?

We are always very keen in hearing any ideas or suggestions about what you would like us to make next. You can drop us an email or why not join our Facebook Page.

Can You Tell Me When You Get……… ?

Sadly we do not have the facility to set up an ’email me when back in stock’ button, but if there is enough interest in this we may look into adding it.

I Want To Buy Something But I Don’t Want To Enter My Details Online, What Can I Do?

No problem at all, our online payments are handled securely via PayPal but we realize that with the ever increasing problems in the world with credit card fraud etc. some people would prefer to pay via alternative methods.

As long as you are in the UK, if you drop us an email to let us know what you would like to order, we will reserve it for you and you can send payment through the post in the form of a cheque. Once the cheque has cleared we will send out your items. Please include your name, address and details of your order with payment so we know who it’s from. Please do not send cash as we cannot be held responsible if it goes missing.

Do You Ship Worldwide?

Oh yes! We will send items to anywhere in the world and regularly sent items to customers in the US, Canada, South America, Europe, Russia, Australia and New Zealand in the past.

Can I Pay For An Order Over The Phone?

No, sadly we do not currently have the facility to take orders over the phone. But, as we grow this is something we will start doing.

Will You Ship To Another Address, Not The Credit Card Address?

No, in order for us to be protected from fraud via PayPal we must send the items to the address given to us from PayPal when you complete checkout.

We cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your shipping address up to date in your PayPal account and to double check at the time of checkout. We cannot be held responsible for items sent to an incorrect address due to out of date PayPal account information.

I Am Never At Home To Sign For A Parcel, What Can I Do?

If you are not in when Royal Mail tries to deliver the parcel they will keep the parcel at their depot and will put a note through your door to say where you can pick it up at a time that suits you.

How Can I Change My Order?

If after you need to change any aspect of your order, please email us as soon as possible at weloveresin@vwxminis.com so we can try to amend the order before it gets shipped. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Will I Have To Pay Import Duties/ Taxes On Delivery?

We suggest that you look into this for your particular state/country before ordering from us as different countries have different procedures.

Will You Alter Customs Declared Values To Reduce Import/ Tax Charges?

We get this question quite a lot, and the answer is NO!!

I Have Changed My Mind, How Do I Cancel My Order?

If you have changed your mind about your purchase soon after ordering you will need to email us at weloveresin@vwxminis.com as soon as possible so we can arrange a refund. If the order has been processed and dispatched you will need to look at our returns policy section here.

Can I Collect My Order From Your Premises?

No sorry, our premises is not open to the public.

What Are Voodooworx Products Made From And How Do I Work With It?

Unless stated otherwise, all Voodooworx Miniatures products are made of polyurethane resin or metal. Resin is a synthetic plastic type material. The resins we use are ideally suited for making highly detailed complex models. Each part is cast using the most advanced techniques and best quality resin and metal to produce models with extremely fine detail.

N.B. Resin dust can be harmful if inhaled. Always wear a dust mask or respirator when sanding or sawing resin parts. Our metal miniatures may contain lead which is harmful if swallowed so please resist any urges you might have to chew or eat our products and always wash your hands after handling the bare metal miniatures.

You may also want to watch our hobby videos on our Youtube channel VWX Minis TV (coming soon) where we post short ‘how to’ videos for people who are starting out in the hobby.

A Resin Item I Bought From You Has One Or Two Small Air Bubbles In It, Should I Return It?

We cast our resin kits and accessories using the most advanced techniques and the best materials available to us, however, due to the nature of the casting process your model may contain very small air bubbles. These can easily be filled with modelling filler or super glue. We must stress that our kits and accessories are not toys and may require a basic level of modelling skill.