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Hul'Gren: The Collector

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Varaak females are known amongst their kind, and their enemies, for ruthlessness in battle. Those that have mothered are said to be particular ravenous in their bloodthirst. At various times in their history every clan has been led by a chieftess, and other positions of high rank are often held by Varaak women.

It is, therefore, no small achievement that one bloodmaid has eclipsed the achievements of all others. Around campfires and offal trenchers, tales are told of Hul’Gren, the deadliest and most beautiful of all Varaak womenfolk.

She is known to be as quick with her wit as with her sword, a step ahead of her opponents at every turn. Her radiant presence inspires those around her, male and female alike. Her war-shriek is as striking as the screech of the black eagle, eyes that flash with lethal passion, tusks an alluring shade of dark ivory.

Hul’Gren could claim leadership of the Bloodkin clan following the disappearance of her father warchief Gar’da at the Battle of Sorrowdale. Many in the Bloodkin believe him dead, but Hul’Gren thinks her father languishes in the dungeons of a castle somewhere in the Kingdom of Ariad. Rather than lead her people, she seeks a citadel that bears the standard of two horned serpents, the arms of the human lord she believes captured Gar’da. She is willing to fight for any lord or lady that will aid her quest.

As many Varaak stories are told of Hul’Gren, there are an equal number of terror-tales of the Collector, shared by sentries and caravan guards the length and breadth of the Kingdom of Ariad. To frighten the freshbloods, old hands relate grim episodes of an insatiable Varaak female who mutilates her male foes, stealing their genitals – often leaving them alive to suffer the terrible consequences of such brutality.

Neither Varaak nor human can truly say what she does with these fleshy treasures, but the musings of old flay-hags claim they are prime ingredients for a wyrdcraft balm to endow ageless beauty.

Gav Thorpe


This pack contains one Hul'Gren, Chieftess of the Bloodkin Clan.

Approx. 18mm from feet to eye.

A finely detailed resin cast kit that comes in 3 components and is supplied with a 30mm round lipped gaming base.

This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly.


Sculpt by Michael Anderson

Based on original concept artwork by Wayne England.

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